Indoor Family Activities On A Whole New Level

Indoor activities are not just meant to be done at home, it is not just about playing board games, tag, or hide-and-seek under your roof. Nowadays, you could also bring your family at different places which specializes on indoor activities. Besides, Wisconsin have a lot to offer when it comes to getting rid of your family’s boredom.

Some families residing in Wisconsin, new comers or old timers, are not yet aware of these destinations. Most probably, these families are having a hard time looking for ways on how to keep their children away from getting bored especially those with toddlers. There is no stopping them from their playfulness, all the more when they start to throw tantrums at their parents. Not to spoil them, but it is time to step up and plan a whole new level of indoor activities!

In no particular order, here are some suggested destinations that could be suitable for your family’s taste.

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum (Location: 929 East Wisconsin Avenue, 2nd Floor, Milwaukee, WI)

It is not particularly for everybody, but children ages 10 and below will enjoy in this museum. The attraction has
impressive exhibits and educational programs that encourages children to do hands-on learning. There is also a kiddie-sized community where children are given the opportunity to learn about grown-up activities such as commerce and trade. To complete the course, the museum has imaginary bank, food market, ecology center, and service center. Other than this educational course, Betty Brinn Children’s Museum also has a giant interactive game board exhibit, a three-level climbing structure, a Balcony exhibit, a 6” beehive climber, a build-a- bug activity, an insect maze table, and a special summer exhibit. Visit this kid-friendly museum to discover more surprises!

The Dancing Horses Dinner Theater (Location: 5065 State Rd 50 Delavan, WI 53115)

This attraction was awarded with a “Certificate of Excellence for the Year 2016” by TripAdvisor. Curious? Come and watch the dancing horses of Wisconsin! Every member of the family will surely enjoy their shows. The horses perform
together with their trainers. They change the stories of their performances depending on the popularity of the show. If you are a horse lover, you definitely won’t want to miss this live shows. Behind-the- scenes tickets are also available for purchase so guests could have a close encounter with the horses. Since it is a dinner theater, lunch and dinner packages are offered on selected dates.

Palermo’s Pizza Tour (Location: 3301 W. Canal Street Milwaukee, WI 53208)
If your child/children are pizza lovers, a tour on Palermo’s Pizza is a must! This is the only pizza factory tour in Wisconsin. In this tour, families will learn about the success story of Palermo’s Pizza. They also get the chance to witness the process of making the delicious frozen pizzas. And if you are lucky, there are times when the company conducts pizza making lessons.

Other than the mentioned attractions, there are still more in store for your families! Well, you won’t find them if you’re still staying at home on your jammies. What are you waiting for? Call out the rest of the members, tell them to freshen up, dress-up, and don’t miss the exciting indoor activities that Wisconsin has to offer!

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