Fun Indoor Activities For Stronger Family Ties


Bored of your usual family routine? Having a hard time keeping your family uplifted? Worried about your relationship with your family? Well, I’ve been there too and I’m through with it. If I was able to do it, then you will too.

My name is Alice. I am married to the best husband in the world, Ralph, and I’m a mother to 3 wonderful children. Our eldest, Nico, is a 10-year- old boy, the 2nd is a beautiful 6-year- old girl, Rachel, and our youngest is a 3-year- old girl, Lyra.

As you can see, my kids are still very young and many married couples will understand how difficult it is to raise such young children. In most weekdays, me and my husband struggle with looking for family activities that will keep our children happy because they easily get bored and it pains me the most when I see them ‘lifeless’. They are not created that way, kids are created with full of energy. They sustain joyful homes but for them to do so, they must be inspired and that is the task of parents.

I am a housewife and Ralph do all the labor because he wouldn’t want others to take care of our children. Weekdays are school days and workdays so there is not much problem with that. The challenge for us are the weekdays, my children and Ralph’s rest days. And now we go back to the question. How do we lift the spirit of our children?

Let’s enumerate some important details to consider:

– Our children are ages 3-10 years old, so doing outdoor activities such as camping and hiking are not that suitable for us in our current state.

– We are still new to Wisconsin (we moved here about 4 months ago) which is quite a big state in America so there are probably places where we could go.

– Money-worth- spent locations. A mother must keep track of the family income. Thanks to our friends who lived all their lives in Wisconsin, they were able to tour us within the state and I’m pretty surprised at the outcome of the tours (we went out several days). We went to places, we did lots of activities, they were affordable, and all of them are done indoors! Perfect for our family!

Lightning Entertainment: Laser tags and Go-karts (Location: Wilson Park 4251 South 27th Street, Greenfield, WI 53221)
– Ralph, Nico, and Rachel tried the go-karts and it was thrilling! I was left with Lyra and we enjoyed watching them. This place has attractions for all ages. They have this spaceship-themed arena for laser tag, it is built with safety and children are given safety armor to prevent them from getting hurt. They offer affordable packages, we were with friends that day so they gave us an awesome deal. Worthy place to bring your children!

Cedarburg Performing Arts Center (Location: W68N611 Evergreen Blvd Cedarburg, WI 53012)
– Children loves live performances. When we went there, we were able to watch a musical. It was quite magical and moving. All the performers, from the oldest down to the youngest, were great! What impressed me the most were the children, they were amazing! For such a young age, they nailed their performance like a pro! Bring your family here and they will be as mesmerized as we were.

Krueger’s Entertainment Center (Location: N87W16471 Appleton Avenue Menomonee Falls, WI 53051)
– This is an all-arcade center and amusement facility. Nico and the rest of the boys really had fun here. I was also able to show off to my husband. I’ve beaten him on a few 1 on 1 fighting games and I enjoyed seeing his defeated face. They have attractions that little ones would enjoy. They also offer pizza and other menus such as finger food, complete meals, and refreshments.

After the long tour, we rested and the atmosphere at home changed. Bringing your kids outside of home really helps boost their joyful side. They get to see different environments, meet new friends, and learn new things. This proved that Indoor activities are not just secluded inside homes, it could also be done away from home. After those memorable days, we planned for another trip and the kids were more excited than ever. We didn’t realize that it became the new routine of our family. It helped us a lot, and we are doing great today!

Try it out. Plan, earn, tour and see the difference.