10 Best Farmers’ Markets in Waukesha County, Wisconsin


When I was younger, my grandma visited us frequently. And on each occasion, she made her irresistible apple pies!

She always said that the secret behind a tasty pie was the quality of the ingredients (she always bought from the farmers’ market).

Farmers’ markets nowadays have seen upgrades, but they’re still uncompromised on produce quality. They also help foster meaningful community interactions.

Here are the 10 best farmers’ markets in Waukesha County.

Best Farmers’ Markets in Waukesha County

  1. Waukesha Farmers’ Market

    Source: Waukesha Farmers Market

    There’s no better place to start than along the banks of Fox River, where the historic Waukesha Farmers’ Market is.

    Every Saturday from May through October, families gather to purchase farm produce, flowers, cheese, and pastries. Items like dog treats and soaps are also sold here.

    It’s a great place to create family bonding moments. One way is to allow your kids to negotiate goods prices with vendors. This will familiarize them with the local community.

    • Location: 125 W. St. Paul Avenue, Waukesha
    • Time: Saturdays, 8 am-noon, May – October
    • Attractions: Live music, private parking lot, bike parking, photography, offers takeouts, and pets should be on a leash.
  2. West Allis Farmers’ Market

    Source: West Allis Farmers Market

    For over a century, this market has provided locals with the best fresh fruits, vegetables, and household items. Its permanent structure also keeps it open regardless of the weather.

    Recently, I went with my kids. We started by indulging in ice cream and egg rolls from a food truck, then browsed scented homemade soaps and candles at the crafters. As we left, we joined a small crowd dancing to live music.

    On our way home, my old truck overheated. Fortunately, I had a Wauwatosa Towing Company on speed dial. They towed the car to Grants Service, a trusted mechanic I’ve known for over a decade.

    Despite the hiccup, it was a fun market experience.

    • Location: 6501 W National Ave, West Allis
    • Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays 12 pm – 5 pm, Saturdays 1 pm – 5 pm, May – November (closed on Independence Day & Thanksgiving Day)
    • Attractions: Live music, pets on a leash, daily fresh produce, and permanent tents.
  3. Brookfield Farmers’ Market

    Source: Brookfield Farmers Market

    You can’t miss the friendly atmosphere of Brookfield Farmers’ Market, from the vendors’ tents to the entertainers’ stands. The market offers everything from fresh produce like lettuce, broccoli, radish, and carrots to prepared food like pie, pasta, BBQ, and pastries.

    If you want to upgrade your interiors or landscape with some plants, there are stalls of healthy plants and hanging baskets.

    Even if you’re leisurely strolling the marketplace, you’ll find unique items like artwork and jewelry that can interest you.

    In a broad sense, the market’s diverse offerings reflect the variety of attractions in Wisconsin, including its best wildlife areas.

    • Location: 16900 W. Gebhardt Road, Brookfield
    • Time: Saturdays 7:30 am – 12 pm, May – October
    • Attractions: Redeemable tokens, pets allowed (on leash), live music
  4. New Berlin Farmers’ Market

    Source: www.sanfelippofarmmarket.com

    No matter how hard I try, I always buy more than I intend at the New Berlin Farmers’ Market. There are lots of great bargains at most vendor stands.

    As expected, the consumables here are fresh, from the flowers and farm produce to the pastries. Even the pet treats are of top quality.

    The farmers also offer discounts from time to time. During one of my late market runs, I received a discount on the apples I bought. Occasionally, I would stop by the crafters’ tents to buy bath bombs and shiny stickers for the kids.

    • Location: 15055 W. National Ave. New Berlin
    • Time: Saturdays 8 am – 12 pm, May – October
    • Attractions: Ample walking space, bordered by shops and restaurants.
  5. Pewaukee Farmers’ Market

    Source: Pewaukee Farmers Market

    The Pewaukee Farmers’ Market can be likened to a getaway location. It’s where you go to relieve midweek pressure with some shopping. The venue is usually at Pewaukee Village Park on Wednesday afternoons from May to September.

    Several local vendors sell fresh produce, homemade meals, and even organic skincare products here. I tell my friends that a purchase here translates to supporting the community.

    If you gaze beyond the marketplace, you can watch the sunset over scenic Pewaukee Lake. Sometimes, I take the kids to watch. Of course, we enjoy the view with ice cream and gourmet popcorn purchased from the food trucks.

    • Location: N24W26430 Crestview Dr, Pewaukee
    • Time: Wednesdays 3 pm – 6:30 pm, May – October
    • Attractions: Wheelchair accessible, bike parking, offers takeout.
  6. Oconomowoc Farmers’ Market

    Source: Oconomowoc Farmers Market

    This market was once known as Farm Produce Days. It has existed for over four decades. It’s a good place to get spices and herbs for your special dishes.

    The location offers ample space for food trucks and free movement. This encourages you to engage your friends and neighbors in fun activities at the marketplace.

    • Each year, the list of participating farmers and vendors is published.
    • Location: 155 W Wisconsin Ave, Oconomowoc
    • Time: Saturdays 8 am – 12 pm, May – October
    • Attractions: Wheelchair accessible, street parking, private parking lot, no pets allowed (service animals permitted).
  7. Mukwonago Farmers’ Marke

    Source: www.mukwonagochamber.org/farmers-market

    I stumbled upon this market when one of my daughters had a dance event there. That day, I cut some deals on fresh-cut flowers and jams.

    This market is favored by meat lovers because of its beef and sausages. Additionally, fresh cheese, sweet potatoes, and other foods are sold at competitive prices.

    What’s more, they hold festivals that come with plenty of food and drinks. As a Wisconsin resident, some of the few things that rival festival fun here are the beautiful vacation spots on Lake Michigan.

    • Location: 933 N Rochester St, Mukwonago
    • Time: Wednesdays 2 pm – 6 pm, May – October
    • Attractions: Free off-street parking, public restrooms, pets allowed
  8. Delafield Farmers’ Market

    Source: www.delafieldfarmersmarket.com

    magine shopping for fresh farm products at great prices while enjoying the calming view of a lake. Well, that’s the average market experience at Delafield Farmers’ Market.

    Beyond consumables, other items like soaps, pottery, and handwoven baskets are displayed for sale.

    Occasionally, local musicians will amuse shoppers with their performances.

    • Location: 417 Main St, Delafield
    • Time: Saturdays 8 am – 1 pm, May – October
    • Attractions: Free admission, pets allowed (must be on leash).
  9. Hartland Farmers’ Market

    Source: Hartland Farmer’s Market

    The vendors here offer various items, from locally sourced fresh produce and pastries to herbal medicine and flea market items.

    At times, it hosts local bands or charity events. These events foster community interactions and encourage participation.

    This market offers an online platform for pre-ordering before arrival.

    • Location: Pawling Ave Parking Lot, 200 Pawling Ave, Hartland
    • Time: Sundays 9 am – 1 pm, June – October
    • Attractions: Free admission.
  10. Menomonee Falls Farmers’ Market

    Source: Menomonee Falls Farmers Market

    Our final stop is at Menomonee Falls Village Park where the friendly vendors here willingly share market tips, from produce selection methods to dish recipes.

    The local vendors also set up shops to sell fruits, vegetables, meat, prepared food, kitchen utensils, decor, and other items.

    Also, the live music and other events make this market a lively spot for families, friends, and food lovers.

    • Location: N87W16749 Garfield Dr – Menomonee Falls
    • Time: Wednesdays 2 pm – 6 pm, June – October, Sundays 10 am – 1 pm, July – September
    • Attractions: pets allowed
  11. How long does the Waukesha farmers market last?

    Most farmer markets last 4 to 6 hours daily and run for close to 7 months.

    What is the best time to go to a farmer’s Market?

    The best time to go is when the market opens. This way, you can get the best products available. However, markets vary, and you might have to visit at different times to know which is more favorable for you.