Here’s How to Really Enjoy Indoor Golf


Indoor golf is one of the spectacular family activities. It’s also the perfect date night reprieve while your children are hanging with the babysitter. Whether you need some alone time or quality time, I’m here today to break down the best ways to enjoy indoor golf. For me, my obsession with golf started as a young kid. My whole family was addicted to the sport. It’s impossible to count the number of days my family and I were out on the holes. The only bad thing was that I always knew winter was right around the corner. Those dreary, snowy days were awful. No golf in sight!

The Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center has completely revolutionized the sport. No more off days, just an opportunity to try something different. With twelve golf simulators, a full bar, and great atmosphere, WIGC provides everything you could want for an exciting day on the course. The question is, what’s the best way to enjoy indoor golfing? Is it with a few of your friends, as a lovely date night, or with your family? Obviously, the answer is all three, but each has a few pros and cons that are worth considering for your next golf outing.

Brunch, Golf, and Friends:

Nothing beats getting a quick eighteen in before brunch. Throw in a few friends and you have the making of a perfect Sunday. If you’re in need of a delicious brunch spot, I heavily recommend Mamma D’s Coffee. Just eight minutes north of Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center, their breakfast wraps and sandwiches are unbeatable. Tea times at WIGC can be scheduled as early as eight AM. So, feel free to play a round or two before heading over to Mamma D’s for hot coffee and the best brunch you can find.

Wisconsin’s Indoor Golf Center charger per simulator, so bringing a few friends is also the financially responsible move. At thirty-two dollars per hour, sharing the cost certainly makes regular sessions more feasible. To be clear, the price is per simulator and not per hour. So, depending on how quickly you normally play a round, the total price will be anywhere from sixty-four to one hundred and twenty-eight dollars. Or between thirteen to twenty-five dollars per person for a group of five. It really helps to have friends!

The Perfect Indoor Golf Date Night:

Lots of people advise to never go golfing with your significant other. I completely disagree. There’s so much fun to be had with a little bit of competitive rivalry. No dull shots or waisted moments where you’re trying to show your spouse who’s boss. The Wisconsin Golf Center is a terrific place for a laid back, goofy date experience. Have a few drinks, I highly recommend a gin and tonic for those authentic golf vibes. With the simulators providing over one hundred different golf courses, you can easily select a difficulty that fits your mood and experience level.

The indoor experience can certainly be cost prohibitive. At an average of sixty-four dollars per session per person plus drinks, I definitely think of this as a great anniversary or special occasion date. On that note, there are also leagues you can join. My husband and I have been considering this for a while now and are really tempted to get started. You can figure out more about the leagues by visiting WIGC’s website.

An Indoor Golf Family Outing:

My children have been taking golf lessons since before they could walk. Alright, slightly exaggerating, but not by much. My ideal family hangout is centered around watching or playing golf. Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center is a great place for the whole family. They have adult beverages for us and Shirley Temples for the kids. A win win for all involved. On top of that, the simulators include golf tutorials and lessons taught by PGA Pro Dick Wallace. Helping your kids (And you) maintain that great swing during the winter months.

As a family outing, indoor golf is actually on par with seeing a movie and much cheaper than live events. Averaging around one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars, it’s a little more expensive than a round of golf, but not by too much. Especially if you’d normally be renting a golf cart and clubs. With that in mind, you can rent clubs at WIGC, though in the long run I’d highly recommend purchasing clubs. I find so much of what I need at Golf Galaxy in Brookfield. Though there’s a lot of terrific golf stores throughout Wisconsin.

With so many outdoor activities closing down during the winter, it’s nice to find one that goes year-round. State of the art technology and over one hundred different simulated courses, makes Wisconsin Indoor Golf Center a one-of-a-kind adventure. Whether you’re a novice or expert, there’s tons of fun to be had. So, grab a date, some friends, or the whole family and reserve your tea time now.